I would like to say thanks to our family.who gives this opportunity to visiting our country.I would like to tell you what I see and what I fell…Friday 20/2007 Ethiopian calendar We have stayed two nights in addis.And We start our trip to the dam and other areas but on the way to the dam we had passed a night in a town called nekemte.There We walked 10km from the hotel and back again.That was fun and good.IMG_3057[1]
Tomorrow early We continued the trip to the dam and after a long hour drive we arrived a city called asosa.this city is capital of benishangul regional state in north west Ethiopian and where a region border with Sudan and the dam is not to far from this..And as usual We wake early and continued the trip to the dam but on a way We missed to the dam and goes to another which goes to the border with Sudan but after driving almost 160km we back and continued the road to the dam after that mistake we could arrive to the dam.but when we are close to the dam every one was very happy suppose some of us were whistling and others are shouting buy pointing to the dam.Let’s tell you about the dam that is from our receptor and the guider as told usIMG_3195[1]

The dam is Known as the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance dam(Gerd)this dam is create 6000mw electric city and it forms the lake twice that of lake tana the source of the blue Nile river.the lake has average depth of 75m and length 240m that mean a distance of a town from shashemene place for Rastafarian to capital of addis abeba.the dam has height of 145feat and 1.7km widthIMG_3250[1]


It costs about 4billion dollars this dam has many significant uses and the dam is a key for Ethiopian Renaissance goal and objectives.Wheen it finishes it will be african 1frist and world seven 7 biggest and largest hydro electric power station.But we are more interested is that of all the costs is financed by Ethiopian people and Ethiopian Government and we are so proud of it and to an Ethiopian


After all this our trip is to one of Ethiopian historical site to the town of jima.jima was one of Ethiopian Muslim state in last periods which is founded by Aba jifar and was his permanent resident until he die and he built palace.but now a days jima is officially known for its one of Ethiopian site of coffee product and one of a place Ethiopian’s economy backbone internationally

As usual our trip is to be a city called arbamich.This city has a crocodile herding station,national park and has two biggest lakes called abaya and chamo.The lake abaya is the second biggest lake in Ethiopian next to lake tana source of blue nile.Let’s came to the crocodile herding station it founded in 1984 in Ethiopian calendar it’s main feature is by herding those crocodile and sell their skin and getting income.The cost of one croc’s skin is more than crocodile can live for more than 125 years.In this station the crocodiles are grouped for the species for the Nile crocodiles that means they are very dangerousIMG_3333[1]
We are very happy to visit this station because this our first time in life to see crocodile in our eye.Also the name arbaminsh is called 40 springs and we have visited those the 40 springs that was really nice.IMG_3360[1]

Let’s came to the national park the city full of everything it got park called nechsar national park has a lion,zebra,baboon and other herbivorous and carnivorous.We goes to this park by boat on lake chamo it took half an hour and fells great IMG_3403[1]

After riding on that boat we could arrive in that of nechsar national park and the park is full of grass and forest and we were scared because of a place of wild life but we get a guard.And also great for all of us





And we were also in one of Ethiopian natural heritage place in konso.Here in konso there is a place called New York which is made from eroded soil by flood.The place called New York because of the height,shape and size of a place is extremely looks New York.also konso is one of a place in Ethiopian recorded in unesco by its Ethiopian starting centre for irrigation.IMG_3535[1]

Dear our family we would thanks you very much for all of thing that you give us love and opportunities like this.

We love you very much!!!! God bless you and your family And we wish to see place like this that we never seen before

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