about our trip/senit

hello my dear family first of all i would like to say thanks.in the end of the year we have tour and travel so know we were in south part of ethiopia know we have been in arbamich we saw so many differnt in there size and year corocodi. they feed there own body.when they are going to old they will be gone to kill then preserve same food to another corocodi.IMG_3356[1]

then we gone to saw nechsare national park at that time we should have to use some boots and we took two boats the we travel 1:30 hour to been in the park the we woke for 15min and we reached the place. then we saw so many endemic animallikezebra,wild sheep and other like. we travel in lake chamo by boat .lake chamo is the second one in ethiopia next to tana lake… i would like to thank no one got such chanec to vist i lucky!! thanks a lot and love u ever!!IMG_3426[1]

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