About our trip / ashagre /July /9/2015

First of all I would like to say thank you very much for giving third gold trip opportunity !!!
  Our trip is focus historical place and to know what our country is look like.
 In our trip mostly we visit is addis, Abai/releseaons dam, Jima, arbaminch, konso and other like. always our trip initial point is awassa. On Friday June 27 my brother and sister went to addis but I arrive let because at that day I have final exam but I met them on Saturday 11:30 in addis. As fasica wrote to u that what they did in addis. On Sunday 6:30 we start our trip to the place we visited. In the after noun we stay NEKEMT in farm land hotel and we had diner. Then in the morning we start the trip to assosa and in assosa we stay in bamboo hotel . The place of assosa is very nice. In the afternoon at 5:30 we had walk and it was nice and we saw the view of assosa and traditional homework and assosa airport . We walk almost 6 km totally 12 km.
  Then after on june 27 at 4:00 pm we start our trip to Abai / releseaons dam of Ethiopia . In the road we had fun things and the driver make us craze he missed the way of Abai and we inter to Sudan and also we far 120km and the we return back and Finally we found the way of Abai.at 12:30 am we inter to Abai and we visit every thing and all thing are going well. As we saw it was very nice and amazing almost the dame is 42% is move. On the relseasons it will build 1.8 km width and 140 meter height that is very amazing and also around thier it will build human made lake around 249 km that means addis to shashemene and will generate 6000 MW electric city.we all like it very much what we see their . Around 3:30 we live from there because the weather condition very hard.
  our vacation is very nice we almost we finished all Ethiopia and what Ethiopia look like. We all are very happy and every things so amazing. Again I would like to say thank you very much for giving third gold opportunity !!!! No bodies Childers got such kinds of chance to visits like us and vacation. I will say thank you very much that u gave such kinds of chance I love u!! Generally the vacation was very nice…
  Finally I am sorry for I didn’t sent on the site at the time didn’t got fast internet network . Yours ashagre with big big love!!!



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