we/30/2014 brusha activity

Hello! every one.

How are you I am fine . And how is every thing around you?I think last time I wroth you that I am doing . I am sure you will remember that I am working on furniture. The guy who helping me still and and also I am learning many thing from him. last week Mr.worku met the guy who help me and they had good meeting. Here is same picture that I did and I am working hard.CM141128-145916009 CM141128-142357006 CM141128-145916009 CM141128-150242013 CM141128-150248015 CM141128-150317021 CM141128-210154004 IMG_20141103_131904 IMG_20141103_131953 IMG_20141103_132029CM141128-150616034 CM141128-150537023

Finally I want to say for you happy new year for u and your family!!

yours: brusha

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