some trip area and thanks 4/9/2014

31, July, 2014

We are so existed to visit such historical area that we have heard and read on books. also it answered our dream.

We would like to tell you what we knew and recognized from the trip and what make fell us happy in some area.

Axum  and yeaha civilazetion     

Both are emerged from one society that called sabian and there official language was sabian,   Ge,ez   and Greece. There religion was based on life after death.                     Axum was the world second power full state next to Persia and had a great rule in trade activity on Indian ocean . because we saw different country oldest golden coin in Addis Ababa national museum  that they used as a trading by the time of axumit about 2000 B.C                 as we read the border or the territory of axum was include all east African countries also Mozambique & Yemen.  But others thought as a legend all part of Africa called by Abyssinia except Egypt Abyssinia was Ethiopian oldest name.   additionally axume was Ethiopian oldest civilization who accepted Christianity as official religion. For instance the ten commandment of mosses are found here. that is from the Jewish or Israel because our guide told us as evidence based on Gram Hancock book that called the sigh and the steal also from the queen of Sheba history.


Was one of Ethiopian oldest civilization we could see the monastery of the hewn rock church of lalibela . and all churches are made from one big Granite stone and we passed though a dark tunnel it symbolized  as a heal and a heaven.  Also we visited saint George a cross symbol church .      we are proud of our county Ethiopia !!!


Was t The kingdom of Gonderian that means the hole part of Ethiopia or the present day of Ethiopia was not administered by one fixed king or leader. But interms of this Ethiopia was a country more than 86 language are spoke . also each of nation have there kingdom but the king that is from Gonder who called emperor Tewodros  try to form the present day Ethiopia by control   each with in there kingdom.

Also Gonder is a place where many Jewish where live. They are called flasha or bête Israel which means belongs to Israel. They were Ethiopian Israel. They were came to Ethiopia with the ten commandment of mosses about on the time of axum about 2000 B.C   but now a days most of them returns to there home land on the time of the regime of derg. About 1981_1983 ethiopian callender or 1992_1994  European calendar.


is one of Ethiopian biggest and and modernized city. But on the time of the regime of derg this city was exposed to high economic, social and political crisis. But the tigray libration front freedom fighters they though out the regime from the hole part of Ethiopia in 1983 Ethiopia calendar or august 1994  European calendar.     The present Ethiopian Government got the base from those of freedom fighters. we visited the movement of the libration front on the museum and also looked at the machineries and other tools that they used by the time.


This city is founded on the shore of the lake tana. This lake is the source of the blue Nile. Our guide told us the name blue and white Nile came from Scotland’s explorer to remember him and his country due to the color of the flag of Scotland blue and white.  also we visited the monastery churches on the lake in different islads. Lake tana is the 3rd biggest lake in Africa. We passed very fun time climbing by rope in the monasrty of Debre damo.


We would like to thanks for our family  you full fill all the best for us.

The trip was marvelous we enjoyed and we were happy.

We find and get our Identity thanks for all again

Instead of this we have a great respect for all of you  and  Dad who taker of us for every activity.

We wish to know and to see more about our   culture, heritage, and history.

We pray God gives to you health, peace, love and long live.

                               Lots of love  from your  children


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