we,9,2014. activity in axum

Today at 2.00 o’clock we were in Axum. Axum is the civilization of Ethiopia. In Axum we saw a tomb, the biggest obelisk. Obelisk is from of line stone. We were in museum also. We saw a cross, oldest scent, material to make clothes. We ate our lunch and then we want to church. We took photo .we bought jewelry. We want to the queen of Sheba water where she took a bath. There is a legend that says there is tunnel from Axum to Israel. We saw tunnel ,tombstone that was written in there languages, Jewish , Latin, geze. we want to the hotel. Toni was sick. She was not with us. We ate our dinner and went to sleep. IMG_8221 IMG_8224 IMG_8225 IMG_8228 IMG_8230

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