Tu, July 8,2014 activity of today July 8,2014

In the  morning we started our trip. Before we left mekele we IMG_8149 IMG_8153 IMG_8152IMG_20130101_075827visited  the  museum .  This  museum was  about  the liberation  movement against the DERG. We saw weapons and pictures  of the movement . I n front of  the museum  was beautiful  statue  tower. An either  side of  the tower were statues of the people who  worked for the libration time .After the museum visit  we started our trip again and left mekele  for  Axum.  We stopped to DEBRE DAMO the monastery on top of the mountain. Here you get to the monastery  only by rope and only men are allowed so all the boys and men climbed the mountain. We girls took pictures of our selves and the men. On places to step .then we were very exhausted. After DEBRE DAMO we came to AXUM .  We ate dinner and we went bed.

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