Thr,10,2014 activity in gonder

We arrive to Gonder here near to Gonder we visited widdows association . the Womens are lead there life by doing a hand IMG_8402 IMG_8403 IMG_8414 IMG_8417 IMG_8420craft in a group to support there children and there lives. Also we looked at Gonder university . we took a rest in keno hotel for two nights and watched world cup  holland vs brazil and Holland beat 3 to zero.   After a day we visited Gonderian casttel. Built by emperior fasiledese . and the villagers thought that the town is founded by him  at about 1636 A.D  also here in Gonder many history were pasde. For instance  one of         Ethiopian  king emperior tewodrose who killed him self by a gun during the war against England. In 1942 Itay made a temprwary   military camp  try to invade Ethiopia but England bombed the area of the casttele to through out  the Italy.                                                                          Because there is a mess of stone every where in the casttele .                                                                                                                                             We are proud of our country  to keep                                  for next generations such history.    And to find our real Identity.


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