mo,7,July,2014,activity in mekele

MEKELE  in this city WE will stay for two days.  Now we ready to see the  first  night  WE  had  a meeting   After a  meeting  we took  rest. Then  the next  day  on Monday  We saw Two Orphanage  The  first  was an SOS  Orphanages  Here  there are 193  children. In one group  there were ten children and one mother. SOS is an  International   Organization . They  have  Orphanages in 136 countries.  When The children  are 14 years old  They  move To a compound  That  makes  room for  new children.   Next  we visited  the other Orphanages . IT Called  the association of   Brother  hood . It is a private Orphanages IT  started  with a small  economy  but now they have a  good  economy. Then we were in sebatat area and museum of this musesum there are many gun before ethiopian and Itiliya fought . after that we had lesson with toni. In the after noon we saw  the mesfinen  industrial  engineering  factory . they were making  parts for Three  sugar factories Then workafes  gave us 100 birr each for dinner to a restaurant in town.IMG_8137 IMG_8138 IMG_8145 IMG_8149 IMG_8152 IMG_8153 IMG_8154

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