thr,3,2014, today activity

To our greatest family.first of all how are you ? we are real very i want to tell you some important thing anout today trip ok.earily invthe morinning we woke up at 12:00 the we had breakfast 1:00oclock .then  after we started our beautiful trip.before that we stayed at sunny side the road trip we saw amazig Ethiopia geographical area it was so fantastic and unbelievable  place of Ethiopia and we saw different peoples in the road wearing cultural style.we saw daga estifnose lake which is found in Ethiopia ,we saw the IMG_3964 IMG_3993 IMG_3996place of muchale which means place were Ethiopia and Italia made agreement  when it was it was war.also we sawape top of the mountain in that place one lady carried  some thing like teaf .Mr.klause gave her one birr at that time.we stopped our bus and we saw zigzag road and we saw very small children dancing for us in the road when they saw us and we saw traditional  house flower build by wood .the mountain was very high and we were nervous .we bought water in the mountain realy I we cant tell you this road trip is avery great full the trip toni was singing  for us and also us we saw in the road one camel run very fast in fron of our bus. We were very funny about in this trip . finally we inter yimerha hotel .we love you so so much all of you our special family in the world believes us it is true history and thanks for today gave this opportunity frome lovely kids.

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