Crossfit, disco and homework

Yesterday Zegeye took me to the school were Im going to work the next month, it was a really nice school with 600 students (Tilahoun is one of them). Im starting on monday, It’s going to be really exiting.
After school Zergeye took me on a long tour around town and to see the lake, it was beautiful.
When I got home me and the children did a crossfit workout session

Then after that we had a spontaneous disco, It’s so much fun to be around this kids, so much love and liveliness:

In the evening I helped the kids with there homework, they are eager to get knowledge. Math, some history and geography. Yes a little of everything.

Today is a holiday (for most of the kids) so it’s been a big cleaning day and later it’s a cross holiday celebration with some kind of bonfire, it will be fun.

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