The day Martin arrived

I arrived to Awassa at Saturday morning after a long flight and bus ride. Zegeye met me at the airport and we joined the bus together (I accidentally fell asleep at his shoulder about 100 times). When we arrived to Barnhemmet we met the kids on the way, they had been playing tennis and been picking flowers to me, the best welcoming commitee you could get. Later we played some card, I did some magic tricks, helping with some of the kids homework. Everyone has been wonderful, so friendly and welcoming, i really feel at home already. Yesterday we all went to the church It was really interesting and the children to good care of me, showed me around the beautiful church area.

After that we went for some swim in the pool, the kids loved it and also I.
Later at the evening I gave them some t-shirts from the place were I work and some books that Mauricio and the other sent with me. Pippi Longstocking, Emil, Lotta pa brakmakargatan, Ronja, Nils Holgersson, Mio min Mio mm. The children loved them. Senait and Ethiopia did some reading in Ethiopias Pippi book for me and I helped them to understand the hard words and to pronounce them right. They are eager to learn, that’s fun.
It’s really nice to be here and be around all this wonderful people.

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